Digital product designer,
I love creating memorable experiences for ambitious ideas.


UI design + prototyping - iOS & Android apps

Made by Mixvibes, Remixlive is one of the leading apps for instant remixing. The app has been selected as best new app on its release on the Apple app store. I have been tasked to create a visual direction for the product and to design the interface.
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Art Direction, UX and UI design - iOS app

MakersFinders is a digital platform that connects independent makers to passionate finders. A large project that brings up two great challenges: Building a strong community and a trustful commerce platform. The design direction aimed at speaking to higly visually demanding creators while the usablity focused on the ease of interaction between users.
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The School of Life

UX and UI design - iOS app

The School of Life is an independent book shop and forum for pragmatic philosophy and lifestyle self-realisation. They have grown their Youtube Channel to almost 2 millions subscribers thanks to friendly and thoughful videos about culture, society and philosophy. I've been lucky to be part of their new challenge: How to bring together our large communities and provoke inteligent conversations and friendships.
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Direction + UX + UI design - E-commerce website

Rent, Rock, Return.
Stylelend open the best closets of New York City and make designer clothes affordable. I have helped the team to define a visual direction to express luxury for everyone. I have then designed every step of their e-commerce web platform, focusing on holdng their promise: lend in a blink, only worry about your party.
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UX and UI design - Two iOS apps

Floc offer both a consumer and a business solution for the entry in bars and clubs. One app allows user to need only their phone to prove their identity. A second app works as a scanner for the staff to verify and manage each entry. Working on two apps for one project was really exciting, as it requires to identify distinctive needs for different type of users.
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Simon Brunet

That's me

London World based French digital designer creating digital interfaces and visual identities for more than 8 years.

I always do my best to bring something unique into projects. Enhancing the ease of use while bringing a touch of magic using motion design and illustrations makes for unforgetable products.

New experiences and challenge are my thing so let's build something amazing together.

P.S. I'm only able to show a few of the recent projects that I have worked on, there are many more available on request.